Memory Home

Shanghai Jinmei Care for the Elderly established Memory Homes to support the city’s growing elderly population. It is a community-based space where social workers provide those with dementia and their families with professional support. These homes also provide educational programs, preventive activities, cognitive function assessments, and support for caregivers.

Longzhen One-Stop Community Elderly Service Program

A group photo of people in blue jackets.

The Longzhen One-Stop Community Elderly Service Program in Beijing aids seniors aged 80 and above with various services. Liaisons and volunteers assist with tasks like meal delivery, medical supplies, and more, helping older adults maintain their independence. This initiative benefits over 1,500 seniors in the Jinsong region.

Manoottangwai Intergenerational Online Media Campaign

Five people sit on stage with photos of a coffeeshop behind them.

Manoottangwai, a Thai online media platform, targets older people to create a positive mindset and help them achieve an active lifestyle, and it targets younger people to help them understand that post-retirement wellbeing.

Healthy and Purposeful Employment Trial

A woman washes dishes.

Takarazuka City, Japan, has initiated the “Healthy and Purposeful Employment Trial,” matching retirees with nursing care facilities. This program matches healthy older people who want to work with nursing care and daycare centers, which are suffering from personnel shortages.

Older People and COVID-19 in Indonesia (2022 Edition)

This report offers the findings of a phone survey conducted among older people in Indonesia to measure the general knowledge of older people about COVID-19, understand the impact of the pandemic on their health and wellbeing, and identify policies needed to mitigate the impact.


CARES4WOUNDS uses digital technology and artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive system for wound assessment and management. Chronic wounds are particularly prevalent among older people in care facilities and this innovation streamlines the process for evaluation and treatment.