Read about innovative approaches being developed throughout Asia to address the challenges of aging, using new methods to keep seniors healthy and active and to provide care to those who need it. 

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This database includes winners of the Healthy Aging Prize for Asian Innovation (HAPI), launched in 2020 to identify best practices throughout East Asia. 

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Organization: Shanghai Jinmei Care for the Elderly
LOCATION: Shanghai, China
Shanghai Jinmei Care for the Elderly established Memory Homes to support the city's growing elderly population. It is a community-based space where social workers provide those with dementia and their families with professional support. These homes also provide educational programs, preventive activities, cognitive function assessments, and support for caregivers.
KEYWORDS: Dementia, Intergenerational
Organization: ORANGE LINKS
Each year, thousands of people living with dementia wander off, becoming disoriented and unable to find their way home. Japanese authorities received more than 17,000 such missing person reports in 2020. To solve this problem, ORANGE LINKS created a small, waterproof sticker that is affixed to a fingernail and includes a personalized
KEYWORDS: Dementia, Safety monitoring
A group photo of people in blue jackets.
Organization: Longzhen Senior Care
LOCATION: Beijing, China
The Longzhen One-Stop Community Elderly Service Program in Beijing aids seniors aged 80 and above with various services. Liaisons and volunteers assist with tasks like meal delivery, medical supplies, and more, helping older adults maintain their independence. This initiative benefits over 1,500 seniors in the Jinsong region.
KEYWORDS: Social/community engagement
Five people sit on stage with photos of a coffeeshop behind them.
Organization: Boonmerit Media
LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand
Manoottangwai, a Thai online media platform, targets older people to create a positive mindset and help them achieve an active lifestyle, and it targets younger people to help them understand that post-retirement wellbeing.
KEYWORDS: Ageism, Intergenerational, Public awareness
A man points to the ground as another man next to him wears a VR headset.
Organization: Mediva Inc.
LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan
Dementia Eyes uses an augmented reality (AR) filter to reproduce the visual difficulties experienced by people with dementia, such as poor depth perception. Unlike VR, which creates a virtual space, AR lets users experience the effects in their real surroundings.
KEYWORDS: Ageism, Dementia, Public awareness
A woman washes dishes.
Organization: Takarazuka City Collaborative Community-Building Council
LOCATION: Takarazuka City, Japan
Takarazuka City, Japan, has initiated the "Healthy and Purposeful Employment Trial," matching retirees with nursing care facilities. This program matches healthy older people who want to work with nursing care and daycare centers, which are suffering from personnel shortages.
KEYWORDS: Employment/Ikigai
Organization: SILVER WOOD Co., Ltd.
Using virtual reality (VR) technology and a trained facilitator, this program allows caregivers, nurses, family members, and the general public to experience the symptoms of dementia from a first-hand perspective, experiencing the emotions brought about due to the symptoms and the interactions with the people nearby.
KEYWORDS: Ageism, Dementia, Public awareness
A group of people are huddled at a table, filling out forms.
Organization: Odekake Rehabilitation Promotion Council
LOCATION: Hakodate, Japan
Odekake (Outing) Rehabilitation is an original healthcare project mainly targeting older persons or those who require care and support. It combines the concept of “shopping, dining, and recreation” together with “activity, sports, and interaction” to create a comprehensive form of rehabilitation while also contributing to the local economy.
KEYWORDS: Social/community engagement
Organization: Health Department, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand
BMA is introducing the concept of preventative long-term care to Thai communities. The program aims to promote physical and mental wellbeing through locomotion training and “cognicise” in almost 70 community sites across Bangkok.
KEYWORDS: Preventive care
Organization: Tetsuyu Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd
LOCATION: Singapore
CARES4WOUNDS uses digital technology and artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive system for wound assessment and management. Chronic wounds are particularly prevalent among older people in care facilities and this innovation streamlines the process for evaluation and treatment.
KEYWORDS: Medical/health services